Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Garden Awakes

Today - March 21, 2010 - I braved the spring snow to trek out to the back of the garden to snap the first blooms of the season. One of the three witchhazel whips that were planted last summer has produced three blooms. The two whips on the other side of the oak tree show no signs of bloom. I hope they made it through the deep freezes we experienced this past winter. A walk around the garden before the snow revealed more signs of spring. The daylilies are poking up, some of the ground cover plants are turning green, the pansies left over from last fall are actually blooming, and the little red nubs of peony stems are showing. The surprise lilies (aka naked ladies) are going strong, but I would expect no less of them. :)

If Mother Nature can bless us with a few dry days, I'll be able to rake up the last of the autumn leaves. The ground is way too muddy to even consider it now.