Monday, June 25, 2012

The Heat Takes a Toll

The echinachea seems to love the heat. The hollyhocks not so much.

June 24, 2012, was the date for the local garden tour. The heat kept a lot of people at home, but two friends and I did our best. They finished the tour, all fourteen stops, but I gave up after seven.  The only photo I'm going to share is of Wally George's tomatoes. He takes a bag of MiracleGro potting soil, cuts a square opening in the top, and plants the tomato in it. He punches holes on the bottom for drainage. You can see the bags below and the amazing height of the plants. And yes, they were loaded with tomatoes, not just a lot of foliage! (That's one of my friends in the photo to give it some scale.)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It doesn't happen by itself

This photo was taken June 16, 2012. The narrow bed outside the fence was choked with weeds and wiregrass. It took a good couple of days to sort it out.

On the other hand, sometimes Mother Nature has a heart. This daylily is growing in our neighbor's yard but decided to pay us a visit. It put out four blooms for us. By the time I'd noticed it, the buds were too fat to push back through the fence, so of course we were forced to enjoy it. :)

The urn broke to pieces during the winter. I wanted to throw it out or use some of the pieces as yard art, but Lloyd grabbed the Gorilla Glue and some paper towels and put it back together--sort of.

The rest of the photos were taken June 21. I keep forgetting to snap the shutter when I'm outside. The 100+ temps had come upon us by now. The petunia pots had been atop the urns by the shed but were getting cooked in the afternoon sun, so they were moved to the patio. They look nice by the little brick wall.

In the front yard, a combination of heat and mishandling in the greenhouse caused the dahlias along the front walkway to turn yellow. The nursery very kindly let me choose replacements. I took lantanas. In this climate (Zone 6), lantanas are annuals. While I'm trying to put in as many perennials as I can, I knew the lantanas would grow quickly and add color. Here they are among the hardy mums left from last fall.

While I was out front, the neighborhood cat walked past outside the fence. I snapped this shot and couldn't resist having it made into a small jigsaw puzzle for Lloyd.

Our wedding anniversary was June 19, and although this isn't strictly garden, I want to share the nifty multi-colored rose in the bouquet. The florist said something about splitting the stem and using dyes, but whatever the method, the result is eye-catching.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flags & New Plants

By not getting back home until mid-April, we missed a lot of the spring flowers. To add some color to the garden, Lloyd brought out some of the flags. This corner has a Japanese quince that had two blossoms left when we got here. It and the mums will be green until the mums bloom.

I gave up on the puny dahlias that I'd planted along the front walkway and replaced them with lantanas. Lantanas are annuals here (zone 6), but I was desperate. They're small but will grow quickly and add color and fullness to the hardy mums.

The Russian Sage is beginning to bloom. The tall stalk on the right grew up faster than the rest and put out a lovely flower stalk way before the others began to bloom. Strange.