Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turkey Vultures

For the past couple of months I've been following the hatch and growth of a couple of turkey vulture chicks on a Ustream channel The nest is in a barn only about 6 blocks from our house. Today one of them fledged, but not very successfully. One of the chatters sent this photo to me of Big Bit (as it was affectionately dubbed) on his way out the 2nd story door of the hayloft. His smaller sibling, Little Bit, is watching at right. 

The shed in the next photo is about 30 feet in front of the barn. BB didn't quite make his goal of the shed roof, although he apparently wasn't hurt in the crash and fall. He took off in the direction of the arrows, with the dog in pursuit but eventually took cover in a large brush pile. You can see more photos of his route on my fotki page.

Fotki wouldn't let me upload a video, so I'm putting it here. This was taken standing on the neighbor's property to the west of the barn and swings from the barn to the brush pile. 


  1. Thanks for your pictures and video. It is so much better than imagining where he went!

  2. MY pleasure! Sometimes you just need a picture.